Pride And Prejudice Act 1 Analysis

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HH HOLMES (30’s), deceptively charming, leads a WOMAN (30’s) through the shady streets of 1890’s Chicago. They flirt back and forth while wandering aimlessly until the reach the unfinished grounds of the Chicago World Fair. Holmes teases the woman into joining him sneak inside, but then the two quickly leave and head back to the hotel that Holmes owns. Inside his permanent hotel room, Holmes begins to act coldly towards the woman and suddenly slits her throat without a flicker of emotion. He takes her blue hair clip and adds it to his collection. This is not his first time taking a life.
EMELINE CIGRAND (20’s), independent and confident, hustles to work through a sea of men. She arrives at her job, a lowly assistant at the World Fair,
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He waltzes in with confidence and asks the manager for the youngest, most innocent girl he has. Cut to Pickett and Holmes as they approach a locked door on the third floor of the apartment building. Return to Holmes as he threatens the prostitute he received to reveal the secret passageways of the whore house that allow the women to slip from room to room, unnoticed. Cut to Pickett and Elliot who burst into the locked room, only to reveal its empty and rigged with explosives. The bombs detonate and the pair runs out of the building, gathering the residents with them. Return to Holmes as he crawls through the walls of the whore house and finds the room of Richard Pinzer. He murders Pinzer in cold blood. The manager hears the ruckus in the room and breaks in to get rid of Holmes. Despite being at a disadvantage size-wise, Holmes easily kills the manager. He rearranges the two bodies to look like they fought each other to the death. Later, Pickett arrives at the scene of the crime and finds a vest button that is neither Pinzel’s or the managers. He suspects a third …show more content…
The Mayor is dumbfounded that Burnham continued to build the Ferris wheel and claims that Burnham has doomed the entire city of Chicago.
Holmes tries to sneak into Pickett’s office on the fairgrounds, but gets caught by a security guard. On their way out Emeline vouches for Holmes, then takes him to meet Burnham. Despite Burnham’s bad mood, Holmes impresses Burnham with his deep understanding of architecture and reveals himself to be a huge fan of Burnham’s work. Meanwhile, Agent Elliot investigates Pickett’s apartment after his disappearance, finds blood, and realizes his partner has been murdered.
The opening night of the fair brings about the official unveiling of the Ferris wheel; Holmes and Emeline rush to be amongst the first people to ever ride it. Once inside the car, the entire contraption starts to shake and screws fly out. It stays standing, but Emeline is very worried. Holmes maintains his composure, which freaks Emeline out. In a spur of the moment action, he bends down on one knee inside the car and proposes to her. She spots his vest has a replacement button, and all the other buttons are the same kind Pickett showed her from the crime scene. She accepts the proposal to seem natural, but she knows the truth about Holmes

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