The World Commission On Environment And Development Essay

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To meet the growing needs of the human population, the global society turned to other method to accommodate our needs, leading the shift from environmental protection towards sustainability. The idea of sustainability was first discuss at the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987 by former Norwegian Prime Minister Brundtland. The idea of sustainability was described as a development that accommodate the needs of today’s society without compromising and limiting the needs of future generations. However, sustainability no long focus on only the environmental, sustainability “consists of the three dimensions “environment”, “economy” and “social well-being”, for which society needs to find a balance or even an optimum (Finkbeiner, Schau, Lehmann, Traverso, 2010, p. 1). This paper will explore the importance of sustainability and what it means to be sustainable. The first dimension of sustainability is the environment. Environmental sustainability is the maintenance of the natural capitals. Natural capital are natural assets or environmental resources, which includes but not limited to geology, water, carbon dioxide absorption, fossil fuels, minerals and waste assimilation. Natural capital and ecosystem are important in relation to environmental factors and climate change because it provides life-support to sustain human life. Naturally, natural capital has financial values that drives the economy (Global Development Research Center, n.d.). According to…

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