The World Came A Soul Called Ida Is A Painting By Ivan Albright

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Into the World Came a Soul Called Ida is a painting by Ivan Albright. The painting is about a young woman fearing the hands of time, and how, one day, she will die alone and be forgotten. In the painting it is clear that the woman is old, however, the person that Ivan Albright modeled Ida after was a young woman of the same name, so his intention could have been for the viewer to see Ida not as herself, but as an aged version created by her mind. This painting could be a view into the psyche of Ida, a beautiful young woman, and through this glimpse, we can see everything that she fears about her future: growing old and grisly, then dying alone with no money or possessions.
The young Ida is perhaps an actress, or model, which would explain why her fear is of her aging body, as her looks are the only thing people see of her, and it’s what drives her career. Looking at the painting one will see an old woman, Ida, sitting alone in a dark room. Her gray hair is curled in a fashion popular for women in the 40’s or 50’s. Her tired and wrinkled face is smothered in red blush and her lips are caked with red lipstick, in a failed attempt to look younger. The makeup contrasts against the dark grey hollows of her sorrowful eyes that stare into the mirror. The bright light shining on her body, which highlights her veiny pale legs and her haunted looking face, reminds the viewer that in time, even the most beautiful people will age into a sagging, wrinkled, and grotesque version of what…

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