The World As We Know It Is Ending Essay

1257 Words Nov 16th, 2016 6 Pages
The world as we know it is ending. We’re speed writing its future with man-made technology, but how does this affect the moral fiber connecting us? In technological advancement we, as a society, are presented with incredible ethical dilemmas. We are aware that the intent in the creation of technology does not always represent the intent of its individual users or the powerful entities that monopolize them. Exploring what we know about the technology we have, and imagining the technology we’re being promised, what will the future actually look like? Using historical context, we can see how accelerated progression has affected our internal value systems. As a society, we are capable of adapting to this rapidity and accepting technological changes as necessary to our continued advancement, even when they do not match our philosophical ideals.
It is difficult to discuss todays technology without first considering the Industrial Revolution. In an effort to utilize the prevalent resources of the 18th century, and improve existence greatly, we were able to change our human experience rapidly with the implementation of new technology like the steam engine. Within 100 years we were using this technology as a means to travel, work, and coexist in ways that were unimaginable before. At some point, throughout this evolving industry, we found our ideals on consumption completely changed. We went from a society inspired by conservationism to a society based on consumerism and…

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