The World As The Land Of The Free Essay

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The United Sates of America is known across the world as the land of the free. Since technology was still fairly new in the 1980’s, compared to nowadays, the engineers didn’t realize how much technology was going to affect American society in the long run. Social media began through television and newspapers and in the 1980’s it played a big role on the American society, especially the fashion that most people were into. There were commercials that advertised and were persuadable enough to catch the consumer’s eye which lead society into buying more things just to ‘fit in’. Most of the 1980’s fashion was drawn from the famous musicians and pop music, for example, Madonna had a large influence on a certain group of women. This was the time when it was fashionable for women to have big hair and crazy outfits that didn’t quite match but still looked tolerable. This has greatly impacted our society today because all of the fashion trends and brands have expanded and gained momentum to move further. The styles of the 80’s are different from any other decade because wearing more articles of clothing was better than fewer. For example, for women, the more bracelets that could fit on an arm, the more hairspray used to get hair up, the more eye shadow used to cover eyelids, and the more lace on clothing was fashionable. The style for women in the 80’s was more focused on ‘themselves’ like having a more intelligent image and the majority wanted to be something more than “just…

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