Essay on The World And Over 160000 Drivers

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As a growing technical company, Uber has few competitors and is “committed to safely connecting riders and drivers.” 1 Directed to the modernized society, the company possesses many strengths. It is widely known that Uber has an unlimited amount of vehicles; Nancy Hulgrave confirms, “60 cities around the world and over 160,000 drivers.” 2 This fact proves the strength and popularity of the company, ensuring easy transition into Canada. “Uber looks like an even better deal and beats out taxis in every city we analyzed,” 3 claims Sara Silverstein, who evaluated prices where Uber is common, and certifies this company’s strength. “Operational cost is quite low. As it relies on customer-to-driver interaction,” 4 writes Jim Makos who also points out another strength of how the company is easily accessible through a mobile app. The original item, is Uber’s announcement to “pay for any by-law tickets given to Uber drivers”.5 Uber’s action ensures a stronger loyalty between Uber and its drivers, this bond promotes recommendations from experienced Uber drivers to Canadian drivers to join Uber.
The second internal factor are the company’s weaknesses. Jim Makos states, “Uber records where the customer gets the taxi from. It also notes where he goes with it.” 4 This tracking makes the company weak to hackers who could unleash crucial information; a situation Canadians may consider when deciding to join Uber. “Costs of operating vehicles are very high. But, the drivers do not earn so…

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