The World And Its Music Essay

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Music can positively impact people on many different levels in this world. The world and its music can be a tool to communicate an individual 's culture and a quick fix for suffering just as much as it is a form of pop culture and entertainment. Over the course of time, people have learned to bring cultures together and bring in instruments from around the world to promote peace and diplomacy. People listen to music every day and the lyrics can tell a lot about one 's own culture, suffering, or ideas. It 's who you are and it is a part of what makes you unique. In many ways, you can promote diplomacy through music, but it 's important to understand that diplomacy does not always have to be political but a matter of peace, community, and shared struggle. This is a lot of what Jazz Diplomacy worked upon to accomplish. When the world can keep an open mind and an open heart to the many cultures and countries of the world, you can turn your instrument and life into an instrument of peace and culture. Like what has been seen in Jazz Diplomacy, the world uses music as a means to spread culture and unify under a global community to share commonalities with Cultural Diplomacy in mind and should be recognized as such. We can see music used today in many forms. Most recently with the Global Citizen Festival conducted September of 2015. The free-ticketed concert aims to encourage people to complete an action journey, such as encouraging world leaders to advance educational…

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