The Workplace For Gender Issues Essay examples

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Power is distributed in varies ways between stakeholders for gender issues in the workplace for gender issues in the workplace the stakeholders; people who are effect by the issue at hand would be women. Women are mistreated in the workplace at all levels from waitress to even being a CEO it is very hard for men to see their women coworkers as equals. They are mistreated because men feel that they are above women when working that women should stay at home or don’t think they have the power to do the same exact job, and just as well as the men. Even though there is an equal pay act of 1963 which states, “protects men and women who perform substantially equal work in the same establishment from sex-based wage discrimination”; this law is in place men in the workplace still find ways to get around it. Men feel in power over them because they feel as if they can handle more that if a woman gets pregnant she would cater to her family and she wouldn’t have that much time for work, but that isn’t true because majority of women especially in high places do very well at handling both a family and their successful career. Power is not distrusted equal between men and women because men will always feel that they have the upper hand. Obligations of the company and employee the power isn’t equal because the power is in the hands of the company because the employees are just supposed to follow. Though, the power is to the companies, the employee’s do owe the company and the employers…

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