The Workings Of An Investment Banking Analyst At Goldman Sachs Internship Program

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Throughout my time at the University of Wisconsin- Madison, I have learned a variety of skills that are pivotal in the workings of an investment banking analyst at Goldman Sachs. I understand that this internship requires a variety of skills, ranging from drafting firm reports to presenting pitch books. And, due to my experiences in verbal communication, academic writing, and outside of the box skills; I feel that I have the ability to succeed in the New York City Goldman Sachs Internship Program. Understanding that it is essential for all interns to be able to write and propose pitch books, leads to my observation that to present a pitch book one must focus on two main skills: persuasiveness and conciseness. I’ve shown a basic understanding not only in the comprehension of pitch books- shown in sequence two when I interviewed Donnie Crego and wrote a paper on writing within investment banking-- but also within the presentation itself. At the end of my second sequence, I gave a speech educating my class on the basics of pitch books. With the amount of research, I had, I would’ve easily been able to give a ten-minute speech, but to effectively communicate I kept my speech under three minutes. By maintaining a short speech length, I was able to communicate concisely the main workings of a pitch book, and catch my classes attention on them. The speech can directly translate over to the abilities needed to present in front of a small group of clientele. My understanding of key…

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