The Workings And Effects Of Campaigns Essay

770 Words May 11th, 2016 4 Pages
Through the Bernie Sanders Campaign, I learned much about the workings and effects of campaigns. Campaigns depend strongly on our social nature as humans and have the ability to shape cultures around them. They also impact the political environment surrounding the elections. As is their purpose campaigns play a large role in the election process.
Campaigns are reliant on human nature. In order to become involved with a campaign, a potential volunteer usually needs to know someone who is already part of the campaign. I found this out because until one of my friends started talking about Badgers for Bernie, I did not know how to get involved with the campaign. Even after that, in order to set up trips to volunteer, we needed to go through the organization’s president because she knew many of the field organizers and volunteers in the states surrounding us. In addition to this, as I was canvassing, I would often meet people who wanted to be volunteers but did not know where a campaign office was, what there was to do, or who ask about volunteering. The social aspect of campaigns does not end with becoming involved, however. Volunteers within campaigns and supporters of candidates often become friends and acquaintances with other volunteers and supporters. A primary topic of discussion within these groups will naturally be the election and the campaign. Those who keep in touch with the friends and acquaintances they meet will then hear about other chances to volunteer, and the…

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