Essay about The Working Outline Of An Outline

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The Working Outline

To construct your Working Outline:
Be sure you have already organized your notes into sub-topics.
Then, put your note cards in a logical order.
Your Outline will reflect what you want to use in your paper, and should definitely reflect/support your thesis statement.

I. Introduction A. Startling fact OR General statement-(grabs the readers’ interest)
Did you know over 1.2 million kids in America drop out of high school every year?
B. A sentence that introduces your topic.
Education seems as if it’s failing, but it’s also getting better. C. A sentence that introduces your first subtopic.
There are many problems with the current Education System.

A sentence that introduces your second subtopic.
Education has gotten better and harder since the 1800s.

A sentence that introduces your third subtopic
Many students are dropping out of High School every year.
Your thesis statement
Schools in the U.S. are improving
A transaction sentence that takes your from the introduction to the first topic smoothly.
As I have stated that schools are improving, now I have to tell you what they need to improve on.
Problems with current Educational System in America
Kid’s aren’t prepared for College 1. Most students have to take remedial classes a. 60% of students realize that they are not ready for college b. 68% have to take remedial classes in math and English, which don’t get them college credits c. Most students in remedial courses don’t get…

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