The Work That I Want For Propose A Short Film Essay

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The work that I want to propose is a short film. The film takes place in the future. The main character creates a doppelganger of himself by authorise and connect the robot to his cellphone. Through download and search the data that were stored in the digital device or been uploaded to the cloud, the doppelganger is able to conjecture and simulate how the main character communicate and react to others. Then the main character began to rely on the doppelganger and eventually been replaced by it.

The main concept that I want to convey through this work is to remind people the importance of digital privacy. People may not be very concerned about the digital privacy, but our relationship to the internet has reached an unprecedented level of connectedness. When people upload personal information to their social media accounts, send emails, and shop online etc., all of these acts will generate data that may be stored permanently without been consciously noticed. I’m concerned when people exposed their personal information online, where and who are the data going to, and how people will use this data?

The film was inspired by a game called Replica. In the game, the player is given a cellphone of an unknown owner. Under the governmental coercion, the player needs to look for evidence of terrorism by hacking into the cellphone and accessing the social media activity records of the owner. The idea of just being able to access to one’s cellphone then can able to depict an image of…

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