The Work Of Walt, Lenin, Klare And Johnson, By John Mearsheimer And Stephen Walt

2014 Words Nov 21st, 2016 9 Pages
This essay will compare the work of Walt, Varoufakis, Lenin, Klare and Johnson, and will show the author who provides the best understanding of conflict and peace in 2016. So much of the worlds violence this century is focused in the middle east; Iraqi war, Afghani war, Syrian civil war, Yemen crises, Lebanon civil war, Turkish revelation and may others. By examining each authors either direct interpretation of the conflict or the authors interpretation of the world and how it effects the current Middle East this essay will show that “The Israel Lobby and U.S Foreign Policy” by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt gives the best understanding of conflicts in 2016. “Resource War” is the one of the most important books about today’s conflicts, while the economy and politics always have a deciding factor in how the world is run, what it will always come down to is resources. Until recently it was oil, but with the increasingly fast arriving issue of global warming water is the new “gold.” Looking at both Lenin’s and Varoufakis books and analyses the economic backing behind America in the current conflicts, looking directly at manufacturing. As well demonstrate how current American imperialism plays a leading role in today’s conflicts. The possible and current blowback effects to the American regime in the middle east are examined with comparisons to past failures to future mistakes of the same nature. Ending with Walt’s and Mearsheimer’s thoughts on today’s American polices…

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