The Work Of The Saint Ferdinand Parish Essay

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From Germany to Texas, with almost a two-century stay in Ferdinand, this preservation story proves the pride of the past still perseveres today. Years ago, a young German crossed the Atlantic Ocean in hopes of improving his life and his future family’s. A founding member of the Saint Ferdinand Parish (1 Wagner 1), this pivotal man had a permanent influence on the growing town. His home acts as evidence of endurance, symbolizing the strength of Ferdinand’s forefathers’ dedication to creating a thriving community. Serving as a tangible reminder of over 177 years of preserved family history in southern Indiana, the Wagner home’s phenomenal journey includes the construction, deconstruction, and relocation.
On October 1, 1812, Katharina Barbra Moster gave birth to a child who would later impact the creation of a small town in a foreign land. With the help of her husband, Johann Peter Wagner, she raised Michael Wagner, her first son, in Kandel, Germany. (1 Wagner 1-2, 4) When he reached the age of five, a frigid summer wreaked havoc on the region causing crops to fail and famine to spread. Fleeing the country, approximately 20,000 Germans migrated to the United States. (Nugent 104) To this day it remains unknown why Michael chose to leave Germany; perhaps, the fear of a similar devastating crisis provoked his egress.
To understand his motives for departure, The Cambridge Survey of World Migration provides speculations for relocation during this time period. Leaving Germany for…

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