The Work Of Four Photographers Essay

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At the beginning of the project my initial idea was to go down the DNA route photographing things such as eyes, fingerprints, etc. This soon changed when I researched Marjolaine Ryley as she did a shoot on her female relatives focusing on her Grandma which I liked so I decided to photograph my Nanna’s bungalow and from that I moved onto looking at old photos from her childhood and also my mum to show how time has changed and any similarities there may be as well as their own identities.

In this essay I am going to look at the work of four photographers which are Richard Billingham, Marjolaine Ryley, Helen Sear and Lisa Kokin. First I will talk about the background of each photographer then continue to analyse their work. I will also include their own opinions on their work as well as my own. I am more interested in Lisa as she has influenced me as I have sewn into some photographs to add details like Lisa has done in her work as part of my experimenting stage.

The first photographer I am going to be talking about and who has influenced my first shoot is Richard Billingham. He is best known for his photobook ‘Ray’s A Laugh’ (1996) which documents the life of living in a council flat with Ray, his alcoholic father, and Liz, his obese mother. Richard was born in Birmingham, England and he studied as a painter at Bourneville College of Art and the University of Sunderland. He paid his way by working every night in the supermarket stacking shelves. Richard didn’t take his…

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