Essay on The Work Of Burn Victims

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Burn victims are the result of fires from a multitude of accidents. Home fires, car accidents, cooking injuries are just a few of the horrible things that can cause a child to be burned. These children often must remain in a hospital for extended periods of time. A child that receives a burn form an injury is still a child, most of which enjoy playing and fun time. Constructing a play facility to meet the needs of the children enduring treatment must be comprised with care to ensure development needs are still met.
Toys Children Need Indoors
Certain toys are more relevant than others when a child suffers a burn. A soft cuddly teddy bear may help a child sleep at night while in an unfamiliar hospital room. The social development of a burn victim can suffer if interaction with peers is impeded while receiving treatment within a hospital. It is essential that a child have a venue to change and grow to ensure a lifetime of stability and future interactions are possible (Feldman, 2014). The appropriation of funds to construct a venue within a hospital that focuses on the development of social development of children is equally imperative as the care for burn treatment.
For younger children, forced to remain in bed to prevent further injury or complications, they may enjoy DVD’s that are educational in nature; consequently, Baby Einstein DVD’s offer videos to help a child learn rudimentary educational facts in a fun lighthearted manner. While it may not be as beneficial as…

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