Essay on The Work For Rolling Stones And I 'm Sold

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Stefan Sagmeister is my number one inspiration right now I seen his art work for Rolling Stones and I’m thinking to myself “I’m sold; this is the one…” “When I was 15… and stared at album covers for a long time” is what he said to when he started really getting into Design; which I started out younger but it inspired me because he started out young like I did. He was born in 1962 and started his studio and business in his apartment “A few minutes ago, before we began this interview, you mentioned that you started your studio out of your apartment? Yes.” Also I wish to add why I chose him is because he reminds me of myself for the fact of how he started out and his interest in other things such as writing, bands, and art/design. “taking on various skins, from graphic designer to conceptual typographer to performance artist. When the mood strikes, he returns to being a designer, and a completely new cycle of transformation commences.” “I started to work for a little local magazine, but I quickly found out that I preferred the design part much more than the writing. At the same time, I played in bands that were not very good, which led me to became interested in album covers. That set the trajectory for me to apply to design school later on, when I was 18.” And when he talked about his dad loving art but never followed it through to be a major in it but did other things instead reminds me of my father as well. And what encouraged him and such is the same as me in pretty much…

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