The Work Environment Influences Employee Productivity Essay

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Motivated employees are vital to businesses because they help accomplish the company’s goals. Businesses want inspired and driven employees because they are more likely to invest in the company’s success. Motivated employees will be more productive and successful and in turn, increase the business’ success and customer satisfaction. Employees want to feel valued and important no matter where they are working or their job title. The work environment influences employee productivity. For example, a pleasant and positive work environment encourages productivity as well as promotes more energy and job satisfaction (Kossek, Kalliath, & Kalliath, 2012). The dictionary defines motivation as the reason someone behaves or acts a particular way. It is beneficial that managers understand what factors motivate employees in order to produce the best outcome (Bruce, Pepitone, 1999). There are many theories and methods to consider when deciding how to inspire employees. When it comes to techniques to encourage employees, one size does not fit all. It is essential for managers to know their employees because every individual is different and is motivated by different reasons (Deeprose, 2007). As Bruce and Pepitone stated (1999) motivation determines how well employees perform and affects the company as a whole. Therefore, it is important to know what theories and methods have the most impact on workplace initiative.
To understand what influences employees to be more productive, it is…

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