The Work Environment At The Beginning Of The Internship Essay

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At the beginning of the internship the work environment was very friendly and welcoming, any questions the new employees had were answered and you felt comfortable, although shy in the environment. Employees worked as a team because new employees and old staff were constantly together, which made it easier to listen to how transactions, complaints and questions were to be handled. Lead Hands job were to supervise transactions and help out if a difficult customer was not happy and wanted to talk to a senior staff. They showed leadership in the ways they spoke with customers and employees. Personally, I felt my job satisfaction in the beginning of the internship was pleasing, and I really enjoyed being able to work in such a fun and exciting environment.
As time went on, everyone was more comfortable with one another and friendships were made with other representatives and lead hands in the department. During the summer, new employees found more connection to lead hands rather than the manager or supervisors of the department. Lead Hands were with the new staff every day, whereas the managers were not as present in the workplace. Which was a cause for intimidation and a lack of communication. During this summer, I received no feedback from my supervisor or manager as to how I was doing or what areas I needed to improve upon. I didn’t find out what was needed of me to improve on until I went to my final review. I believe this contributed to the lack…

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