Essay about The Word Race

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According to the text, the word race is described as the belief that biological subdivisions make up the human species in which they are divided into (Scupin, 2012, p. 11). White, black, yellow, Caucasoid, Mongoloid, and Negroid are the categories that were used to describe ones race (Scupin, 2012, p. 11). The Ancient Greek used the word genos which meant race and is affiliated with family, tribes and clans over time (Scupin, 2012, p. 12). The Athenians did not have the word race to form and explain a social hierarchy (Scupin, 2012, p. 13). Overtime the word race has been given several meanings. For example ranks in society, biological traits, skin color, intelligence, and superiority. The biggest consequence for the numerous meanings of the word race is racism and the revolution in science. Personally, the word race has helped many people identify themselves and relate to others who are similar and also to understand their cultural background and the history in which others of the same race had to endure. In today’s society, I do not think the word race is necessary, due to the fact that there are other ways in which people can identify themselves or identify with others.

Scientific racialism is defined as a belief that started during the time of Darwin, that the validation of race provides scientific proof (Scupin, 2012, p. 11). The relationship between this term and the concept of racism is they both imply that one race is superior to the next. Today’s…

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