The Word ' Left ' Essay

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People often reject the unique, they look with a quirked eyebrow and a disfavouring eye on those who are different. In an unspoken agreement, the majority decided to don a negative attitude to the minority. Perhaps one of the most finespun, subtle discriminations in the world we live in today is that against the left; so inconspicuous is it, that most never realise its existence. Most would sneer, “how can there be discrimination against left? It’s just a direction, a handedness, an adjective,”, but ‘most’ are the unwittingly biased majority. The word ‘left’, bears three direct meanings. When facing North, it refers to the West side. In the political sense, left, left-wing, and leftist all refer to someone with radical, liberal political views, views that may be different. Lastly, the word ‘left’ is used to convey abandonment and aloneness, such as being ‘left behind’ or ‘left hanging’. In contrast, when looking at the definitions of the word ‘right’, you find that there are drastically more and positive connotations: morally correct, accurate, privilege, and justified. In language, the left side, and therefore the left hand, has always had pejorative connotations. The English word ‘left’ in itself comes from the Kentish Old English word lyft, which means “weak, or foolish”. In nearly every language, left is associated with something negative. Latin Sinistra and the resultant Sinister were originally used to represent ‘left’. The Sanskrit “वाम” (waama) has the…

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