Essay on The Word Gospel, By Rock Band Panic ! At The Disco

1080 Words Oct 18th, 2015 5 Pages
The word gospel means the absolute truth. In This is Gospel, by rock band Panic! at the Disco, the truths about addiction and our society come to light. A story is told throughout the song, about helping a friend with an addiction. The social issue of drug abuse is also evident in the song, as it directly relates to the plot. The band connects this issue of drugs to society, and how we can make people feel unwanted, forcing them to turn to drugs. Using many clever literary devices, this song tells a story about a person who feels neglected by society and turns to drugs for solace. It shows the reality of the issue of drug abuse and connects to how other people treat drug addicts. Literary devices help a person to visualize a statement, as well as making them think. Writing everything literally would make things uninteresting. This is especially important when it comes to writing a song, because it gives meaning to the words. This is Gospel contains many literary devices. Almost the whole song can be viewed allegorically, with both a literal and figurative meaning. Figurative language is evident in lines three and four, as it states “assembling their philosophies” and “pieces of broken memories.” One does not literally assemble a philosophy or have pieces of a broken memory, but this figurative language makes us think about what the character is going through. Metaphors are visible in lines two and ten. “Permanent slumber,” is a metaphor for death and “these words are…

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