The Word Family : My Family Essay

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As times change the meaning of words adapts and harmonize with its society. For example, the word “family” was limited to solely bloodlines. In spite of that, the word family is more of emotional importance. Now, with this freedom, 21st century families are unique and vary so much. My family is my sister, Marleen, and I. We have so many blood relatives; however, she is “mi familia.” Our history, our understanding for one and other, our willingness to forgive each other, and depending on each other makes her “mi familia.” Moments before taking this photo, I was overwhelmed with emotions. Through my tears I frantically hunt down for my sister. I clearly remember seeing her sprinting from the gates at the end of the football field. She outran our parents, family members, and my younger friends. She jumped on me almost knocked me down onto the freshly cut grass. The mixed sounds of proud loved ones and last goodbyes were drowned out by my sobs as we clung onto each other. My sobs were nothing more for the emotions that were dormant inside of me. She, on her tippy toes, comforted me by rubbing my back and kept repeating “I know. I know. I am so proud of you, mamas. You did it!” I kept bawling on her shoulder, soon enough we both sobbed. Once our family found us in a pool of tears, our father told me to quit crying because I was ruining others moments. Marleen sucked her teeth at him. She wiped my tears away as I tried to regain my composure. My aunt’s husband told us to line up…

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