The Wonderful Georgia State University Essay

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The wonderful, Georgia State University. This school has been known to be one of the most complex, competitive, and intelligent around. And they aren 't like this in just their educational programs, but also they 're Athletics, specifically basketball. There has been many famous people to attend and study at GSU, and GSU has gone famous itself in NCAA games and teams. But this University gets better, just wait!
I personally don 't want to go to a fancy college with tens of thousands of other people, I 'm a simple person when it comes to my education. But GSU isn 't fancy, they are a fun school with many students and somewhat affordable prices to their University if you keep up with your grades, your sports, or both! They are actually ranked the 5th most affordable school right now. This school is located in Atlanta, GA, a beautiful state and city! So not only are you surrounded by fun and great education, but a beautiful city as well!
This school sports White and Blue, and a Panther named Pounce to represent them and what they stand for – COMPETITION! This school has been spirited and running ever since 1913 when it was founded and used to be called The Georgia Institute of Technology 's Evening School of Commerce! When it all began, the guy that was the first to put the spirit into the school was a man named Wayne. S. Kell, also one of the first founders.
Today the school still stands obviously and is still running strong, if not stronger. The school remains public as it…

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