Essay on The Women 's Suffrage Movement

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It took over 70 years for women to finally be given a voice and the right to vote. The 19th amendment helped the women of America become who they are today. Without the Women’s Suffrage Movement, America would be a different place.
The women’s suffrage movement all started in the year 1848 where the women were treated as a prized possession in front of a guess, but behind closed doors, they were mentally and physically abused. The women were supposed to just sit and be pretty and stay quiet about everything. If they were being abused, they couldn’t file for divorce because the women didn’t have any rule over their own lives. They had to stay and endure the pain. Other than the fact they didn’t have any rights, they wanted to ban alcohol because that was the cause for abuse in most of their lives. The article, “Transcript: women’s suffrage” states, “The women were only allowed to have property under different circumstances.” Things like this are what lit a fire for the movement to start.
The people argued that women deserved the same rights as men. The second argument raised the issue of whether they should be able to participate in important meetings beyond their home and voice an honest opinion on the subjects talked about. The third argument was centered around the race issues. According to the article, “Encyclopedia of U.S Political History Women 's Movement”, “The white suffragists claimed that the vote for women (white women) would counterbalance the vote of black men…

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