The Women 's Suffrage Movement Essay

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The woman’s suffrage movement played a huge role in the progressive era and in getting the rights woman know today. If it wasn 't for the suffrage movement we may not have been given to right to vote or to hold government offices. Evan though many woman were for suffrage, there were many who opposed it and it look many disasters until they support the cause. Jane Addams, Susan Brownnell Anthony, Florance Kelly, and Ida bell Wells- Barnett are just a few of the leaders in woman’s suffrage. These woman were injured , put into jail, starvation, and even died in order to take a stand that woman needed rights. Getting the public to agree with the suffrage movement was the hardest thing this women faced were getting fellow women, business owners, society, and government officials to agree with them. The Triangle Factory Fire happened on Saturday March 25, 1911. A fire broke out on the tenth floor and 146 factory workers were killed in less than 15 minutes. “All but one of the owners and office staff,.” The owners and the office staff were educated and knew what they had to do in order to get out of the building, leaving all the woman, who all spoke different languages, who had to no clue what to do a do there The owners of this factory didn 't not have any fire safety regulations in place to protect these woman. Since the fire had taken over the stairs and all the other forms of exits many woman had to jump to their death in an elevator shaft. This fire helped Susan B, Anthony…

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