The Women 's Rights Movement Essay

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Listen up ladies! I 've got some great news. Are you tired of constantly being told what to do and having no say in decisions? Well you might want to continue reading, and see what happened yesterday in the Supreme Court! History has been made! The name of the woman who is responsible for this is Jane Roe and she just made an important step forward in the women 's rights movement! Roe is a single woman from Texas who is pregnant, with a wish to terminate her pregnancy. In Texas there has been a criminal abortion statute since 1854, but this case changed it. The statute states that it was a crime to “have an abortion or to even attempt one, expect for the purpose of saving the life of the mother.” Roe was unable to get an abortion legally because her life was not threatened and she could not afford the traveling costs to get a safe, legal abortion. Roe wins, but I am going to give you the play by play that lead to this amazing victory. Roe’s main argument was that since she was not allowed to receive an abortion, it violated the right of privacy. She stated that this is found in the fourteenth amendment that discusses "personal liberty.” Roe argues that the constitution does not define “person” therefore it does not mean there is any pre-natal application. Roe argues that the idea of conception occurs over time and that there has been strong support that states that life does not begin until the actual birth. The court agrees that the right of privacy is allowed for a…

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