The Women 's Rights Movement Essay

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Women have fought to be considered equal for an extended period of time in history. To this day, women are still fighting for their rights. The women’s rights movement started primarily in the 1920’s in the United States. One of the goals of the movement was to let women vote: women’s suffrage. This influenced the era of the 1920’s by showing that women had a voice and could stand up for equality. It impacted today’s society by starting a revolution of events that help to create equality between race, gender, and sexuality. Researching this topic helps show that women were not given the same rights as men in the past, and it describes the struggle women had to go through to earn those rights. History is meant to be learned from so that those same events do not happen again in the future. In this case, women’s suffrage and equality should be taught about so that women keep the rights they are given and continue to fight for the rights they are not given. The women’s rights movement’s push towards suffrage was the influence behind other equality movements. The rise of the movement originated in the United States with American women. Once suffrage was granted in the U.S., a ripple effect of women’s rights movements occurred throughout the world. Due to American women standing up for their rights throughout history, women across the world have a right to vote today. During the 1900’s an increase of women started speaking out about having a say in who leads the country. This…

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