Essay about The Women 's National Coalition

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In the past decades there have been several movements for women’s rights in many different countries. In addition, all these countries share a specific goal: equal treatment and rights for women, however they each focus on different aspects of this goal. Specifically, there are two countries that contributed in achieving this goal, which are South Africa and India. In the 1990’s, while transitioning to democracy, South African feminists contributed in having a nonracist and nonsexist society. While in India, citizens hoped to seek awareness to women discrimination in the political era. In 1994, South Africa became a democratic nation that had many people wondering what it would be like for the women, mainly black women (Busa, 2010 pg. 1). The nation’s main goal was to eliminate racism and sexism. A South African group of women created The Women’s National Coalition (WNC) in 1992 to help achieve this goal. The Women’s National Coalition is described as “a strategic alliance of women formed across the divided beliefs, waged a successful struggle to ensure women’s representation at the national negotiations between 1990 and 1994” (Busa, 2010 pg. 1). WNC viewed women from various class backgrounds, race groups, and political parties. In addition, segregation and apartheid played a huge role in separating women in terms of race, class and ethnic backgrounds (Meintjes, 1996 pg. 49). During apartheid, people were split in four racial groups. This system allowed white people to…

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