The Women 's Movement Essay

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The women’s movement goes so much further than treating a female as though she is no longer just a figment of someone’s sexual representation of her in one’s brain. To get to the point where we are in modern society has been a struggle. A struggle that so many strong men and women have worked towards; some never even getting the chance to see the fruit that had grown from the tree that they had planted.
In present day, the definition of a women varies depending on who you talk to and what environment they’ve grown up in. To others and myself, who were brought up in families with strong women, we were told that our gender played no factor in the life that we lived and the actions that we took. We could take over leadership if we wanted to no matter how many other children in your elementary school classroom thought the idea of taking control as a girl was equivalent to being bossy. Despite the negative connotation, I took it with pride, unaware of where they were going with that statement. If I wasn’t going to be the boss, then who would be? To others, women are still at the bottom of the scale in their mind that has not progressed from the “values” set forth since the beginning of ancient civilization. Women are still sexualized, examples being things as simple as a school dress code or the inconvenience of social media with it’s introduction to the viral concept of slut-shaming when seeing an inch more skin than comfortable. They are put inferior in things such as the…

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