The Women Of Saudi Arabia Essay

1114 Words Oct 20th, 2015 null Page
Over 2/3rds of women in Saudi Arabia have been beaten or violated in some type of way by a male family member. The mistreatment of women is clear all over the world and is a problem all over in many societies no matter where you live, but in Saudi Arabia it is a part of daily life. Over 60% of the women in Saudi Arabia are being mistreated by their guardians, which in most cases is their husbands. In Saudi Arabia, a women cannot do anything outside of the house without the permission of her guardian. A is allowed to go outside of her house, but she has to be accompanied by her guardian at all times, if she is without her guardian she could be severely punished. Numerous reports show that almost 45% of cases of women getting abused is by their spouse or guardian. In Saudi Arabia, there is no law made that is against men abusing whoever they are “in charge” of. Women are being punished for having the same rights, and living there life’s the same way as many other women and children and other human beings around the world.
Men doing this to women on a daily basis is breaking so many rights that everyday people should have, but it’s in their religion to treat women this way. When those women have children, when they have sons and the son sees the father treating his mother like that, then he is going to grow up thinking that it’s okay to treat women like that. If women doesn’t listen to what there guardian says then the guardian reacts the way that society allows him to, and…

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