The Women Of Brewster Place Summary

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Dorcas Abiola
Xavia Dryden
02 December 2015
English 237
The Courageous Black Women ofBrewster Place and Their Lives
“The Women of Brewster Places” focuses on seven women who struggle to balance their emotional lives but are interconnected in some way as they are all residence of the Brewster place. The author Gloria Nayolar gives a combination of dual cultures of African American women migrating from the Southern to the northern part of the United States of America. Brewster place is a community. How the women of Brewster place presented each other as a pillar of strength to deal with certain obstacles in their lives. In the first chapter of The Women of Brewster Place, presents Mattie Michael the main character and pillar of the Brewster
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Kiswana who grew up in a suburban area has a passion to bring about change in the African American community, she does so by transforming Brewster Place into a social and modern community. In this chapter of the novel Naylor shows a generational difference between Kiswana and her mother. Mrs. Browne seems to be more judgmental “Before she went into the building she stood at the bottom of the stoop and carefully inspected the condition of the street and the adjoining property” (76), while Kiswana seems to be naïve on how she wants revolutionize the system but her mother tells her she has to understand and work within the African American system in order to change it.“You constantly live in a fantasy world—always going to extremes—turning butterflies into eagles, and life isn’t about that. It’s accepting what is and working from that” (85) her mother …show more content…
From a young age she has been obsessed with baby dolls, she grew up being obsessed with babies and has seven children with different me. She loves the smell and skin of babies at first but when they grow from the infant phase Cora finds it difficult in raising them and gets frustrated that they are so needy. She is unable to provide for her children and depends mainly on food stamps. Cora mostly left her children unattended “If she let the kids go outside, they made too much noise in the halls. If they played in the streets, she didn’t watch them closely enough” (110). This shows she is unwilling to face the responsibility that comes with taking care of her children growing up, she wants them to remain babies that way they are dependent on she is surrounded by the affection babies bring. Kiswana sees Cora’s sons eating from the garbage and tells her about it but Cora is offended that Kiswana interrupts her soap opera. Kiswana is surprised by her reaction but invites Cora and her children for a show her boyfriend was showing at the park. “Cora felt guilt lining her mouth seep down to form a lump in her throat. “No baby.” She stroke his head” (125). Cora had a moment of realization and her parenting skills, and plans on helping her children out with school work, but as soon as she gets home and puts her children to bed she enters into her bedroom and sees the “shadow” (127) drops her clothes and falls into

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