Essay The Woman 's Face

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The woman’s face crumples, and she turns to hide her dismay from the children’s curious gazes. She quickly runs the numbers through her mind and bites her lip, struggling to hold back tears, but a single drop falls upon the document clutched in her hands. Working two jobs while caring for the children ensures days and nights filled with exhaustion, but she manages. She knows by now not to expect a check for child support, and only hopes she has the strength to do everything on her own. However, between this month’s expenses and what she earned, they will not survive unless she makes some sacrifices. Her daughter might need to forgo supplies for crafts, or perhaps her younger son must continue to wear shoes that squeeze his feet to the point of pain and show glimpses of his socks. Instead, she resigns herself to a week or two without eating lunch. She cannot help the rush of anger flashing through her while recalling the sight of her coworker’s larger paycheck from last week. Though she works just as much and even harder than he does, he receives more money due to his gender. With women still experiencing various forms of sexism in the workplace, earning the same amount as men would change how society perceives and treats different genders, aid in women’s ability to support a family, and level the playing field for women already facing other disadvantages.
Some people argue against increasing women’s wages to match their male coworkers because they should stay in the home and…

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