The Woman 's Coming Of Age Essay

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After almost a year of planning it was finally time. Between the overwhelming dress search to spending endless hours looking for the perfect hairstyle it all was about to become worth it. This is one of the days that everyone in a Hispanic household looks forward to. It was almost time for my quinceanera, the young woman 's coming of age; her fifteenth birthday. From the time the young woman becomes fourteen to the day of her quince each detail is intricately planned to make this day as close to perfect as possible. October twelfth of 2013 was my day to be a princess. I woke up as if it was a regular Saturday morning, by Saturday I would look and feel totally different. Walking out of the salon with my hair and makeup done to perfection, the Shiny silver crown on top of my head with the big “15” glistening in the sunlight of that Saturday afternoon. As my venue was getting decorated with a blue and white balloon arch above the doorway with clusters of blue and white balloons on each table my family and I met at my house to begin preparing for this memorable moment. Slipping into the most poofy beautiful teal dress I can find it finally set in: “I am a woman”. After all the finishing touches were done it was time to go to the church. Riding up to the church door I see my family with huge smiles on their faces as my father walks up to the car to assist me. As I stepped out of the car all eyes were on me, once all the hugs and kisses were exchanged everyone proceeded…

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