The Woman Of The Antebellum South : Lady Or Farm Wife? Essay

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The nineteen-century was an era of inequality against both women, and African-Americans. Slavery was still occurring in the South in this era, and there were many who believed that providing an education to an African-American was an egregious act that had to be punished by imprisonment (Douglass,pg.36). Women were also treated as lesser then their Caucasian counterparts, and in many cases were seen as part of their husband and not as individuals (Hagler, pg.406). The mid to late 1800’s was a time of change, many in the north were already against slavery, but the mind of many in the south still had not change, but the actions of people, such as Margaret Douglass was the catalyst that was needed in order to break the boundary’s, and allow change to come. Through examining Margaret Douglass trial and D. Harland Hagler article, “The Ideal Woman in the Antebellum South: Lady or Farm Wife?”, it becomes apparent how women were seen as an extension of their husband, and not as individuals who deserved the same respect and equality.

Margaret Douglass actions in the 1850’s had a tremendous impact on America in general even if her actions alone did not accomplish much at the time. Those who acted against the pre-conceived notions of the 1800’s allowed for the laws to be changed, and provided an outlet for that change to come. During this era slavery was still part of the United States, and providing any type of education to a slave or African-American would put a…

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