Essay on The Woman During The Medieval And Renaissance Periods

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The woman during the Medieval and Renaissance periods were treated poorly. Everyone treated them like objects and they had almost no rights. People can see how bad it was being a woman during this time period was by reading some of the works. Some authors saw the woman as things of beauty while others saw them as mere objects for men. This was not a good time for women.
Dante Alighieri, who wrote “The Inferno: Cantos 1-3” actually wrote about women in a positive manner. The main women mentioned in the story Beatrice (Dante’s beloved) helped guide him through Hell. She is seen as a nice, caring woman one of the one’s blessed in Heaven. Dante sees her as an angel the light of his path, she is extremely important to him. She descended into hell to assist Dante. Dante Alighieri sees woman as angels. They are beautiful and serve as a guide for men.
Geoffrey Chaucer, who wrote “The Wife of Bath Tale” the view of women is swayed. The first woman the reader sees in the story gets raped. She was powerless and defenseless against the knight assaulting her. The knight then had to go on a mission to find what women most desire in order to save his life. He went to many different women and got many different answers. The knight on the verge of giving up meets an old hag that promises to save his life, but he had to marry her. After the two go to the court the hag says, “What women most desire is to be in charge of their husbands and lovers”. This shows that Chaucer believes that women…

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