The Woman At Point Zero Essay

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Woman at point zero is a book about a female named Firdaus who lives in Egypt and grows up and lives in a belittling environment. Firdaus along with other females in this book are constantly faced with an uphill battle. The men in this book, and even occasionally women, have proved to consistently degrade women and beat them, leaving the women to be silent and take what is given to them or what happens to them. Woman in this book are expected to be silent and weak.
Throughout the book women are forced to be silent due to their lack of power and respect. As a young girl Firdaus grew up with her mother and father both of whom pushed Firdaus down to be less of a person than she was. Firdaus’ mother once even punished her for a task Firdaus’ father assigned her: “My mother was no longer there, but instead there was another woman who hit me on my hand and took the mug away from me” (18). When Firdaus got the chance to have even a little more responsibility her mother punished Firdaus for taking her spot. Woman, even mother and daughter, become pinned against each other in order to keep some sense of respect, power and need.
Once Firdaus grows up she moves in with her uncle where she witnesses her uncle 's wife being silenced. When Firdaus’ uncle forces himself upon his wife she tells him, “No, your holiness, for the sake of the Prophet. No, this is sinful” (38). After Firdaus’ uncle hears his wife 's wishes to not continue he tells her, “You woman, you . . . What sin, and what…

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