The Wolf Of Wall Street Essays

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Drugs, greed, hookers, and a giant scam. This would be an accurate way to summarize the "professional" life of Jordan Belfort also known as the "Wolf of Wall Street". Mr. Belfort, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, is the main character in the film The Wolf of Wall Street, a film by Martin Scorsese based on the real life memoir of Jordan Belfort. He is a man consumed in himself and Scorsese makes his viewers want to embody his lifestyle. So how was he able to present and glamorize a life filled with all of this sin? With a controlled plot that is a true story, specific camera techniques, and through a unique portrayal of the rise of Belfort.
This film is based on a true story and may loosely fall under the category of a documentary. Although it is better represented as a presentation of an autobiography. It does fit the definition of a documentary by documenting some aspect of reality and also by maintaining a historical record. The documentation may not be entirely accurate and may be biased, but as seen in the film 5 Broken Cameras through the use of narration, editing, and scene selection this is common in documentaries. The Wolf of Wall Street is a representation of reality, whereas in 5 Broken Cameras it is actual footage of the events they were documenting. In movies such as these the viewer is always persuaded to follow the ways of the director of the film, and in the case of these two films, the main character. Belfort did write the memoir that this movie was based off…

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