Essay about The Wolf Of Wall Street

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This paper will examine how the film: The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) contains ideas which are formed around popular culture. Popular culture is defined as the sum of cultural things such as music, fashion, cyber culture, television and media that society follows (Crossman, 2016). The first topic that will be explained is how status, power, money and drugs affected the main character, Jordan Belfort. The second topic will be regarding the sexual objectification of females and how females were used to captivate the audience. Finally, the last concept will be about the use of discourse and linguistics throughout the film. Leonardo DiCaprio stars as the main character in the film and goes by the name of Jordan Belfort. Belfort is a young stockbroker who finds his way into committing fraud with penny stocks. Status and power relate strongly to this film. In the beginning, Belfort starts out at the bottom, making very little money. Later, he joins a large company on Wall Street. He begins to make more money but as the stocks crashed on Black Monday; he is left with nothing. Belfort then decides to creates his own company out of penny stocks. His company, Stratton Oakmont, turns into a huge success and Belfort begins to gain more power. As Belfort gains more power, he does not stop. Taking many risks and being in love with his managing role, he is essentially undefeatable until the end of the film, where he is taken down for his illegal actions. He has a huge desire for…

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