The Wizard Of Oz Children 's Author L. Frank Baum Essay

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The Wizard of Oz children’s author L. Frank Baum helps reflect the populist agenda throughout the actions and personalities of the characters. Baum gives images during the turn of the United States dealing with political and economical issues during a specific time in history. Baum work helps give imagery of the populist agenda by providing the characters, symbols, and themes. Dorothy is the center of the whole image or issue. Dorothy is an orphan living with her Aunt and Uncle on a farm in Kansas. She keeps everything balanced in a sense of society belief. . Dorothy is the center of this whole drama. She is the only human in the environment that isn’t gray because her dog Toto keeps her in high spirits and keeps her happy. Toto is also a suspicious dog, he questions the motives of every person they come in contact with. He is a smart and cautious dog, he doesn’t want the negativity and unhappiness to affect Dorothy. One scene in the Emerald Palace was when Dorothy had to pass through seven halls and climb three flights of stairs, which stands for the Crime of '73, because seven and three makes seventy-three “the congressional act that eliminated the coinage of silver and that proved to all Populists the collusion between congress and bankers.” This is just one example out of many that Dorothy shows a character used to describe important facts in history.
Toto seems to be very careful and is of characters such as the Cowardly Lion. The Cowardly Lion is a contradiction…

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