The Witchcraft Trials In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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In The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, occurring in 1692 in the little town of Salem, Massachusetts where outbreaks of the witchcraft trials had taken over many of the townspeople’s everyday lives (Miller, 1124). When accused of witchcraft, they were brought to trial at the court where there was a group a girls, including Abigail Williams, Betty Parris, and Ruth Putnam. These girls had accused many of witchcraft sending them to be hanged or to jail unless they confessed. In the courtroom, when watching those who were being tried, the girls would all sit together and mimic the movements of those who were brought to trial. After looking into why the girls were performing these actions, one of the most reasonable explanations is that these …show more content…
These girls are together a good portion of their lives, for there is no such thing as having friends during this time period, they were together by being related, because their parents are friends, and because they dance in the woods together. Affirming that these girls are closer than most people were with each other when John Proctor want Mary Warren to charge murder on Abigail she states”I cannot charge murder on Abigail”(Miller, 1180), thus showing that they are too close for her to accuse her of something with the guilt of feeling bad. Conversion disorder is “spread through groups by way of humans often unconscious social mimicry of one another 's behavior”, which is how some of the girls had gotten this disorder, for there was only a few dancing in the woods (Szalavitz). To prove, when in the court “Abigail screaming on the top of her lungs and raising her fist: stop it. Girls: raising their fist stop it.”(Miller, 1210), which shows that these girls all mimic what Abigail does. Another case when the mimicking comes into play is when “Mary Warren she see’s nothing Abigail….and mimicking the exact tone of Mary Warren cries she see’s nothing” (Miller, 1209), showing that even if Abigail is not the one who they are following they still follow others. Such as, in court, they would mimic the accused motions, for example, if the accused rose their right hand then the girls would pursue this action by raising their right hand. Thus giving the girls another sign of being diagnosed with conversion

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