The Wisdom Literature Kathleen O Connor Summary

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Text Review: The Wisdom Literature
In “The Wisdom Literature” Kathleen O’ Connor explores the six wisdom books of the Old Testament: Proverbs, Job, Qoheleth, the Song of Songs, Sirach and the Wisdom of Solomon. Although some of these might seem familiar, others might feel foreign, and this is because they are books typically found in different versions of the bible. Through her volume, she breaks down the spiritualties, implicit or explicit, of the wisdom books of the Old Testament. She also explores the vast and too often overlooked resource that wisdom literature provides for contemporary believers. With the current church life on her mind, O’ Connor has written a list of resources for the growing contemporary Christian community to use. Her text helps give guidance in living an integrated life of faith in which belief, attitude, affections, prayer and action form a cohesive unity in a person’s life. With her section on Sirach and the Wisdom of Solomon, we get insight that is not found in the Hebrew canon. These treasured pieces of literature are typically found in the Greek-Jewish community. By giving insight into books that we might not normally be exposed to, her hope is to expand our minds. In
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It is important to not let sorrow overtake us, keeping our hearts overjoyed so that joy may spill out unto others. While most religious people feel guilt about caring for themselves, Sirach encourages it.

Chapter 7) I found that the Sophia-God relationship to be a tad bit confusing, however, it was interesting to see that connection between the two of them. Their symbiosis, or “same life” is in a way something that we as Christians should strive for. To be so close to God that we are a mirror image of Him.
What also stood out to me is the necessity of our actions. We must first step out and have a sincere desire for instruction if we are to begin our journey of

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