Essay on The Winter 's Bone By Daniel Woodrell

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Go Away from the ‘’Hell’’
Fantasy in Daniel Woodrell Winter’s Bone In the Winter’s Bone, Daniel Woodrell narrates a story of a girl Ree Dolly. She is trying to find her father, Jessup, who produces drugs, and then persuade him to show in the court. However, it is not extremely successful to find him since someone takes charge of Jessup. Ree asks many people about trail of her father but still has no answer. At that time, she gets scared from Uncle Teardrop and beat by other women in Dolly’s family. Life is so tough for the girl; therefore, Ree has a fantasy in her mind. When she listens to the music, Ree tries to escape from the cruel life. She lets herself go into peaceful world in the music. Moreover, she wants to join into the army and gets responsible to people who support to be looked after. Ree is not one person who has realistic fantasy. In terms of Victoria, she has an exotic garden, and she plants many fruits and vegetables in her garden. She simply wants to lead a normal and regular life. From where I stand, it is helpful to have fantasies because life is cruel at the area. People who live in the area do not often help each other but they need helps occasionally. Consequently, fantasies let them escape from the real life for a while and give those hopes about life in future. Zhu 2 It is helpful to Ree when she has realistic fantasies in her mind because it helps her escape from cruel life and keep encouraging her to looking after her…

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