The Winter Of 1933 And Kenneth Ripley From Blue Earth Essay

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It is the winter of 1933 and Kenneth Ripley from Blue Earth, Minnesota is interviewing Sheila Ripley from small town Okabena, Minnesota. Ken and his frat buddy are interviewing Sheila for Little Sisters at their fraternity AGR on the St.Paul Campus at the University of Minnesota. The three of them talk for almost two hours and a week later Ken calls to see if Sheila would want to go on a date with him. She, however, turns him down because she just finished playing basketball and is dripping with sweat. Ken being the more reserved guy that he is, has his great friend Smiley call Shelia’s roommate to see if she would reconsider about a week later. Sheila gladly accepts. Ken finally proposes three years later in a Blizzard on their way to visit family in Chicago before Ken left for Corpus Christi, Texas to start his new job with John Deere and Sheila stated student teaching at MCW. The two continue to date till their wedding on June 22, 1996. Here is where my life began as girl with a mostly German, but also English, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. It is the 19 of January in 1999 my mom and dad are stoked about having me after struggling to have kids. However, I am very stubborn and I didn’t want to leave my cozy home in my mother 's tummy, so I stayed in there for a day and a half after my mother got induced. Finally I did decide to come join the real world at 11: 57 at an impressive eight pounds twelve ounces, twenty one inches long and with a broken collar bone. My parents…

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