Essay on The Winter Air Brushes Against My Face

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The brisk winter air brushes against my face as I run down the streets of New York. All around me people are complaining. When I get down to the subway, I squish myself on a seat next to a guy with sunglasses on and gelled hair. He fell asleep and looks more relaxed than most of the people in New York. I remember as a kid, I always dreamed of living here, seeing all the interesting things, meeting new people, but most importantly living the dream. I never realized how much I actually gave up to live here. For the past three years I have forgotten how to be me. I’ve gotten so caught up in being busy and working, that I don’t even have the opportunity to relax anymore. But it’s people like him that remind me that we all need to take a break once in awhile.

My phone begins beeping frantically and the guy jumps up, startled at the sound. I quickly turn my phone off, hoping he doesn’t go off on me. He begins to talk, but I don’t look up.
“Uhh, do you know what time it is, my watch broke and I don’t have a phone.”

“Yeah, it’s almost three,” I say bluntly.


When I lift my head, my mouth drops. The guy had taken off his sunglasses, hat and scarf and it’s not just some stranger. It’s Henry’s dad.

“Shawn?” I ask quietly. He doesn’t respond. I nudge him a little to get his attention.

“Shawn?” I repeat. He looks over at me and his jaw basically hit the floor.

“Abby!” He hollered. “What are you doing in New York?”

“You know, just livin’ life, doin’ stuff. I…

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