The Winery By Amalie Robert Winery Essays

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When it comes to wineries, Amalie Robert winery has established as well known winery in Oregon. With a trip to Paris, the owners, Dena Drews and Ernie Pink, both had an idea of creating a winery back Oregon that produced a Pinot Noir. They both decided to leave the business world to peruse their dream wine making. Dena and Ernie discovered an orchard to grow their grapes, but there was one small problem. The orchard was a cherry orchard, but Ernie believed the orchard has potentially of growing with the vineyard. Therefore, Dena and Ernie began to harvest the cherries in the summer of 1999 and began production soon after. Soon after Earth day in 2000, the last wine was planted into the soil, thus creating the vineyard. Dena 's middle name "Amalie" and Ernie 's, "Robert" combined together created the name for the winery, "Amalie Robert". The winery is based in Willamette Valley region that is outside of Dallas, Oregon. It is located about 15 miles west of Salem, Oregon. Since that day back in 2000, the Winery has grown to 34 acres of vineyards for the last 15 years. Amalie Robert estate is extremely taken care of and the yields are low because the production is limited. The soil on the estates is sedimentary and densely planted. All of the grapes on the plantation are hand picked with extreme care. Over the whole winery, it is consumed by 1,200 tons of concrete, which is mostly underground.
The winery is based in Willamette Valley region that is outside of Dallas, Oregon.…

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