The Willingness Of A Deer Essay

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The Willingness of a Deer to Die When I think of hunting, I begin to picture a person hunting an animal for food and survival. However, other may think of hunting differently, they may consider hunting as a sport. The story “The willingness of a Deer to Die” pg. 17 meets course goal number seven to “enhance the students understanding of the value of holistic thinking in making informed judgments and in applying values as they become increasingly conscious of what is at stake if we fail to understand the relationship between human culture and the environment.” Some people may view hunting as a way of having the power to take a life and a prize. I believe hunting needs to be done only as a form of food source in a humane and respectful manner. In the story “The Willingness of a Deer to Die” we are introduced to the Wintu tribe, a tribe native to California during the mid-nineteenth century. This tribe hunts for its food source in order to survive and live. They highly believe that in order to have a successful hunt they need to rely on their skills and luck. The hunter’s skill comes from his experiences in the environment, being able to carve the perfect bow and arrow, and releasing the bow at the perfect time and place. Nevertheless, the Wintu tribe takes the world and its natural features (the deer) as a sacred environment. In order to have a successful day the Wintu tribe say a morning prayer, in this prayer they greet the sun with positive energies. In line three of the…

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