The Willie Lynch Letter : An Historic Reality Cemented Into History

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Willie Lynch Letter
The Willie lynch letter has not been proven to have historical premise nor has the letter been affirmed by an historian to be an historic reality cemented into history. This letter may not be a true document however this letter contains practices that were implemented during slavery. Unfortunately, we do not have any historians who have examined and written and wrote books about the slave period. Historians have not researched this area to validate all the practices that went on, however, we do have slave narratives, stories have been passed down and documentaries created to provide a window of knowledge to that experience.
The Willie Lynch Letter has been in print since at least 1970, but first received pandemic notice in the 1990s, when it appeared on the Internet. In addition, the Willie Lynch letter became highly recognized in the black community at the Million Man March (held in Washington, DC) on October 16th, 1995, When Minister Louise Farrakhan included it in his speech. He stated:
We, as a people who have been fractured, divided and destroyed because of our division, now must move toward a perfect union. Let 's look at a speech, delivered by a white slave holder on the banks of the James River in 1712... Listen to what he said. He said, 'In my bag, I have a foolproof method of controlling Black slaves. I guarantee every one of you, if installed correctly, it will control the slaves for at least 300 years’…So spoke Willie Lynch 283…

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