Essay on The Wild Frontier 's Video

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Kenya is a stunning place on the East African Coast. The vast amount of land and scenery is what brings tourism to this country. Tourists rush in see the wildlife during safaris and retreat to resorts and unwind. After watching Wild Frontier’s Travel Guide to Kenya and comparing it to Adam Jadhav’s New: Tourism, friend or foe of the Maasai?, it is evident that there is a positive and negative effect of tourism. Using various techniques, these videos give off separate insights of tourism in Kenya that equally persuades the audience’s decision on visiting. In the Wild Frontier’s video, it portrays a positive view of tourism in Kenya by analyzing different parts of the video. The video is directing towards an audience of adventurous people seeking for the picture-perfect spot to enjoy a vacation in the outdoors. In this case, the purpose of the video is to persuade the viewers to choose Kenya when deciding where to visit. Furthermore, the stance is objective because it tells the straight facts of what there is to see and do when visiting. The video uses this stance to draw the attention towards what would draw the tourist in and what they would want to know before visiting. Additionally, the genre of this video is travel guide and the media and design is digital electronic.
With an understanding of the overall point of the positive video, different aspects of the video are being used as techniques to support the purpose. In the video, the travel guide, there is ethos being…

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