The Wild And 102 Minutes Essay

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Although the topics of terrorism and self-discovery through adventure are seemingly unrelated, the novels 102 Minutes and Into the Wild are proof that these ideas can be connected. These novels may be distinguishable by their overall topics, but they are actually very similar when considering style, diction, and overarching ideas. Both Into the Wild and 102 Minutes were written with a tone that is unemotional and informational. The level of vocabulary was typically not at a heightened level, although there are instances in which more difficult words are used. This relatively simple language use can probably be attributed to the authors’ desire for the audience to be made up of a variety of people. The depth at which the research in both books goes indicates that the audience is most likely composed of mainly people who are interested in learning detailed information about the topic. The authors Jon Krakauer, Jim Dwyer, and Kevin Flynn use self-reliance in the novels Into the Wild and 102 Minutes in order to depict the struggle of surviving dangerous and life-threatening conditions.
Being self-reliant and able to function without any outside help can be a necessary trait to express in certain situations. In a matter of life or death, being dependent only on one’s self can determine the success or chances of survival. Self-reliance is evident in 102 Minutes and Into the Wild; both books narrate the experiences of endangered people as they struggle to survive life-threatening…

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